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About Us

    Valley Society for Human Resource Management (VSHRM) is a not for profit association with close to 200 HR Professionals in the Great Lakes Bay Region representing more than 150 businesses.  Formed in 1975, VSHRM is a affiliate of national Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and Michigan Society for Human Resource Management (MISHRM). View our bylaws for more information.

    VSHRM is proud to be a recipient of the MERIT, SUPERIOR MERIT, EXCEL, or MEMBERSHIP STAR AWARD for the last 25 years running.  These awards recognize professional chapters of SHRM for their exceptional ability in operations, the professional development of chapter members, and promotion of the HR profession and support of SHRM in partnership. 


    VSHRM endeavors to be the Great Lakes Bay Region's premiere human resources professional forum, adding value to its members, their employers and to the community.


    Valley Society for Human Resource Management strives to be a local forum for your personal and professional development; provide an opportunity to develop your leadership, managerial, public speaking and decision-making skills; provide a local networking arena; and to provide a focus for legislative attention to local, state, and national human resource management issues.


    The Valley Society of Human Resources Management (VSHRM) believes that the differences between us make us stronger.  We will use our time, talents, and collective experience to make our communities better places to live.