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Code of Ethics

    Members of the Valley Society for Human Resource Management (VSHRM) pledge themselves to: 

    • Maintain the confidentiality of privileged information.
    • Recognize VSHRM meetings, events, and/or any other VSHRM activities are times for networking and development, not times   for sales contacts or self-promotion.
    • Assist with the "networking" of chapter members by sharing general knowledge in their areas of expertise, in order to advance the knowledge of all members.
    • Refrain from disclosing any confidential information concerning property, finances, negotiations, or other sensitive matters of VSHRM to which they may have become privy, nor shall such information be used to advance the financial, business, or private interests of any person, unless such disclosure has been authorized by the Board of Directors. 
    • Refrain from engaging in activities which may compromise the reputation of VSHRM.
    • Maintain the highest standards of professional and person conduct.
    • Strive for personal growth in the field of human resource management.
    • Support VSHRM's goal and objectives in pursuit of the human resource profession.
    • Encourage employers to make the fair and equitable treatment of all employees a primary focus.
    • Strive to make employers profitable both in monetary terms and through the support and encouragement of effective employment and human resource practices.
    • Instill in employees and the public a sense of confidence about conduct and intentions of corporations with a focus on ethics and integrity.
    • Uphold the laws and regulations relating to corporation activities.
    • Use VSHRM membership and association resources (e.g. directory) for mutually beneficial networking purposes, and refrain from uninvited business solicitations.
    • Improve the understanding of the role of human resource management.

    This CODE of ETHICS and CONDUCT for members of the Valley Society for Human Resource Management has been adopted to promote and maintain the highest standards of personal conduct and professional standards among its members.  By joining VSHRM a member adopts this CODE, thereby assuring public confidence in the integrity and service of human resource management professionals.